Michael Ammar

"One of the Most Influential Magicians of the 20th Century" - Magic Magazine

Michael Ammar is an award-winning author, lecturer and performer in the field of magic. 


Michael's magic encompasses a full spectrum of performance genres: from very intimate, sleight-of-hand to stand-up "parlor" magic, and now more recently - the stage with his presentation of "The Spirit Cabinet." His disarming humor and casual poise only serve to make the impossibilities of his magic even more surprising and powerful. 

His television credits include two appearances on The Tonight Show; The Late Show with David Letterman; CNN Headline News; Worlds Greatest Magic; Travel Channel: Magic of LA; International Magic Awards; The Worlds Best Magic Tricks EVER; and several appearances on Japanese and Korean television specials.

When Caesars Palace debuted Caesars Magical Empire in 1997, Michael’s show was featured for over 1000 performances. Other noteworthy events in which he has performed are: Hugh Hefner's "Midsummer Nights Dream" party at The Playboy Mansion; retirement celebration for Bud Baker, CEO of Wachovia; The "Black Tie and Boots" Inaugural Ball for President George W. Bush; "Salute to Heroes" Inaugural Ball for President Barack Obama

His clients include NBC Universal, IBM, United Way and Paramount - among others. The type of event for which he is most commonly requested are corporate dinner parties and keynote presentations.

In 2010, Michael began stage performances with his wife, Hannah. Together, they perform a mysterious Victorian illusion, “The Spirit Cabinet” - dating back four generations in her family. They have taken this act all over the country, including the Improv in Orlando; The Abbeville Opera House in South Carolina; and the Majestic Theater in Dallas. 

Michael has been honored numerous times, including Magician of the Year; six awards from the Academy of Magical Arts; FISM Gold Medal in Close Up Magic; two awards from the International Magic Awards; Dragon Award; and West Virginia University's Distinguished Alumni award winner in 2005, for achieving international recognition in his profession. 


In the early 1980’s - after publishing some of his earliest books: Success & Magic, Encore 3 and The Topit Book, Michael began visiting local magic shops and clubs to share his ideas. Since then, he has traveled to 52 countries - and in doing so, has instructed over 25,000 people in the theory and practice of modern magic. 

His seminars have earned him accolades, including the maximum number of Lecturer of the Year awards from the Academy of Magic Arts in Hollywood, California. 

In the late 1990’s, Michael was the first visiting scholar at the Silvan Magic Academy in Italy - where he was awarded an honorary PhD. The school set out to provide intensive magic study to serious students. The following few years he would periodically give magic classes at the Magic Castle in Hollywood to eager students looking to polish their skills.  In 2005, Michael was guest instructor to the College of Magic in South Africa. He later provided curriculum content to the college.

He has instructed young and old at international magic conferences, such as Blackpool Magic Convention, The International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention and FISM -  (Federation Internationale des Societes Magiques) 
and magic camps, such as West Coast Magic Camp and Sorcerers Safari in Canada.

There have been two video titles produced that feature Michael's live lectures:
Magic, Mastery and You and Michael Ammar LIVE at the Magic Castle

On two ground-breaking occasions, Michael Ammar gave the first lecture from the western world to magic fans in the Soviet Union and mainland China. His influence altered the course of the craft in those countries in ways that are still being felt today.


No one could have imagined the success that Michael’s Easy to Master Card Miracles would realize when the first three volumes were released in 1993.  To date, L&L Publishing ranks this project as their all-time best seller, where is it sold in magic shops all over the world, including Disney World and Universal Studios, often as the first recommendation to new magicians. Since then, Michael has published a total of 9 volumes in the Card Series; 3 in the Money Magic series; 3 in the Thread Magic series; and 1 in the Business Card series. 

He has authored books such as The Topit Book; Brainstrom in the Bahamas; The Complete Cups and Balls; The Magical Arts Journal and the The Magic of Michael Ammar - now in it’s 14th reprinting. 

Early in Michael’s career, he was honored to be asked to teach alongside Dai Vernon (‘The Professor’) and Tony Slydini in an instructional video series produced by Videonics in Canada. He has since gone on to star in dozens of video and DVD titles. 

Michael self-produced a popular video series in the 1990‘s that featured one effect per video - each covered with complete detail: Classic Renditions Volume 1: The Floating Bill; Classic Renditions 2: Rubber Band Magic; Classic Renditions 3: The Bill Switch; Classic Renditions 4: Roll Over Aces. 

This led to a exhaustive study strictly on the classic Cups and Balls. Michael produced a book and two dvd’s entitled The Complete Cups and Balls - and these are widely regarded as the best source of study on the topic. 

In the mid-90’s, when infomercials first coming on the scene, producer, Marty Weismann, sought Michael’s expertise for the magic program Icebreakers - which sold on television to the mass market. Some years later he joined efforts with Marvin’s Magic to produce a magic product sold on QVC.

As a lecturer, he has published dozens of lecture notes and other materials made especially for his seminars and private workshops. 

In recent years Michael has marketed numerous stand-alone products that have enjoyed much success: The Little Hand; The Coins Through Silk; Ultimate Coverage; ShowCase Wallet; The Mercury Wand; Fab Fruit; Mike Rogers Baseballs - among others. 

In 2010, Michael participated in a collaborative effort with Jeff Kaylor to produce the very popular Any Signed Card to Any Spectators Wallet. 

Michael is currently working on his magnum opus: Magic Works U - a very unique curriculum, combining magic and life skills in one.